Basic Questions for EVOware Standard Newbie

Hi! Does anyone know how to have the contents of a variable show up in a comment command? I was trying to have our tecan tell the users how many times it’s iterated through a loop, but it looks like everything put into a comment is automatically converted to a string.

Also, does anyone know of a way to flexibly select channels based on an initial num_samples prompt? I feel like this would require some scripting because the GUI doesn’t look like it allows for it to be tied to a variable. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’m totally still learning.

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It’s been a minute but I believe with EVO you can display variables ~variable~. And so if you have num_loop as an index variables, you would use ~num_loop~ to comment the value of the variable during that loop cycle.

For tip flexibility you can use a Tip Mask or write your own custom VBscripts to manage it.


Sadly, comment lines are fixed text through EVOware - i added a ~var~ comment and it wrote ~var~

workaround is to us If-Then and code individual comment lines per loop iteration

if you want to control pipetting based on initial input, create “loops” around the pipetting commands for the maximum transfers - to adjust the number of loops at runtime, utilize “SAMPLE_CNT” variable,

after loop is completed, reset SAMPLE_CNT to -1 so future loops are not impacted

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Thank you! I was trying to avoid nested loops for commenting, but it looks like that’s the case. I’m having to do something similar to disable portions of my script by tying them to a variable, ~disable~.

I’ll be looking into both your and Luis’s methods for controlling pipetting as I’d prefer to avoid having too many loop sections to change in the future. Fingers crossed that I get Tip Masking to work for me :smiley:

Thanks, Luis!

Are there any resources around the VBscripting for EVOware? I’ve done it on Biomeks, but I’m not sure if the syntax is quite the same.

The formatting is similar between the EVO & Fluent. How comfortable are you scripting in an IDE?

This is a decent explanation.

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documentation for vbs isn’t great - this forum is likely the best source of info

provide a use case & I’m sure someone has had all the headaches and devised workarounds

start with EVOware Help menu - has a little info, but mostly how to exchange variables to/from vbs

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Pretty comfortable! Looking through it now, thanks!