CAD files of devices

Does anyone have any CAD files of devices? I’m looking specifically for the iSeries, but it might be helpful to build a catalog of 3D models. Potential uses could be to build out 3D footprints of systems (good for slideshows), or lab layout


This isn’t directly related but people here might be interested in Nvidia Isaac Sim, it’s a 3D robotics simulation framework. Nvidia has gone wild building tools for 3D designers.


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Always love seeing the crossover from the manufacturing world. Pallet stacking is more interesting than it should be. I don’t think this is necessarily unrelated, this kind of thing would be wildly helpful about demonstrating automated systems (in a lab)

For sure, I think one big problem with designing ambitious new automated platforms is understanding how everything fits together given certain space constraints. If you’re hitting accept on a 6 to 7 figure quote you really want to make sure nothing is going to bump into anything else.

In practice I think people settle for standardized enclosures where devices are oriented around a liquid handling robot that takes care of movements with the built-in robotic gripper. This removes some of the uncertainty but leaves you with less options. It’s possible that an automated platform could make use of far more equipment than can fit within range of a built-in gripper. It’s just hard to model this with existing tools.

Hi Tony,

I am currently collecting CAD models from different manufacturers for designing/planning a new platform, but I don`t have any of the i-Series models (yet). Here is list of models I could retrieve already:

  • Biotek Washer LS405
  • Cybio Felix
  • Thermo Multidrop
  • PreciseFlex Scara + PreciseFlex Rail
  • UR10e + Ewellix slidekit

Let me know if you need any of those. I can recommend to contact the sales reps or field service engineers - sometimes they are able to provide the models.