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Hi there,

I am starting a new thread for Fluent Control question.

I will start. Has anyone tried to use SetAttribute to assign barcodes to multiple plates? I can do it for one plate and even re-assign it to a new barcode, but I got invalid expression error when assigning a barcode to the second plate.

Share a picture of your code!

What does the red warning message state in the lower left corner of the GUI?

It’s possible that you don’t have a “Source” labware on the deck.

it just says Invalid expression: “Setattribute(“Source”, “Barcode”, CleanupBarcode)”. “Source” is on the deck. If I set “Source” barcode first and then “Dest”, it errors on “Dest”. Very strange.

Check two things

  1. Are CleanupBarcode and CurrentCleanupBarcode set to “String” in the variables section?
  2. Verify that CleanupBarcode and NormBarcode are different barcodes. They cannot be the same barcode value.

Most probable “NormBarcode” and “CleanupBarcode” have the same value.
Thats not allowed in FC. Barcodes have to be unique.


Yeah. That was the reason. Fluent doesn’t like it even it’s assigned a different value during the run. It’s working now. Thanks!