Library Downloads? (Requests)

Stefan? How can we share installers on this platform easily. I see we can share hyperlinks so is there a way we can share a hyperlink to like a download site so that we can distribute Hamilton libraries or VENUS itself on this platform?

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I had an idea for a project recently for something similar to that. Basically a command line tool similar to pip that references a central repository. I think it would not be terribly hard for library files.

I think just backing up from that and until some sort of automated pip type tool exists, using this forum we could share various library packages we’ve collected. Or even share the VENUS installer itself so people can play around themselves!


Oh yeah of course! I actually dont know of any websites that host these kinds of files. I imagine links to a github repo would work just fine.

I would love to start hosting all labware .tmp files as well as libraries somewhere on github! Setting up a STARlet today, and just ran into an issue of having a carrier where Hamilton doesn’t have the .tmp file baked into venus.

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Oh man that would be great. So many random carriers or MFX carriers labs collect that exist as just “oh you have to copy and paste this file path and use search to find it.”

We could just share Dropbox links here for now.

Hi all,

Please let me know if there are any particular libraries or labware that are of interest. The good thing is that we have a lot of libraries built and refined over the years, the bad thing is that we have a lot of libraries making it a challenge to curate and support!

I can set up a shared folder on Hamilton’s Resource Center, but I understand if you’d prefer to keep it on a site that is more platform agnostic - just let me know.

Also, we are actively working on our next iteration of VENUS (post VENUS five) that will incorporate more commonly used libraries, updated labware, etc - all of which is long overdue IMO! I am happy to try and help in the meantime!



A shared folder would be great!

Shared folder would be great.

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Wow this looks incredibly useful

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@EricSindelar_Hamilton you’re a legend for this! I always felt like libraries were this mythical creature only found on the USB of apps engineers.

Man of the people!


This looks fantastic! Thanks Eric. Do you have the http library?

I just uploaded it!

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Wonderful, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Do you have any libraries that help with managing timers, or creating timers dynamically?

Thank you!

Can you please provide some more context in regards to the need/use case? Other than the default timer commands in VENUS, I am only aware of the timer commands in the Step Tracker library, which I have posted to the shared Libraries folder.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing the step tracker library! I wasn’t aware that this library existed. Pretty cool to see and I like the new icons.

I think I was looking on a way to keep track of all the timers used in a method in an easy to read format. I may look into storing the names and time values into a arrays and then deploying them in my method, so when I need to adjust a timer I can just modify the value in the array rather than looking for that line of code to change it.

In regards to creating timers dynamically, I was just curious if there was something out there, not really looking to implement that in our process.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your great support, you indeed fill a vacuum here.
I would appreciate to receive the ErrorSimulator library and the TrackLightHelper library or something similar to simulate error states and to control the front cover LEDs of the STAR.
Thank you so much

I’ll follow up and see if there are any solutions. If not, perhaps you can contribute these ideas and any others to the new thread for VENUS feature requests.