On-deck cell counting


Does anyone have any experience with cell counting (adherent and/or suspension cells) using an on-deck device? Having spoken with a couple of companies, it seems like counting cells/cell confluence is difficult when over 50% confluence without staining and using fluoroescent imaging, however this is both terminal and more complicated/time-consuming. Non-destructive visible light assessment would be preferable, even if not 100% accurate.

Is there a device which Hamilton has support for natively/with libraries? That would be a huge plus for us, although if not the case we would be able to write our own library.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Gareth,

We’ve integrated cell imagers like the Cytation, Cellavista, Cell Metric, etc. I’m not sure which one would be ideal for your application, but if there is a device you’ve identified, let me know and I can confirm if we have a VENUS driver developed for it.



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Allen Institute uses the Celigo imaging cytometer with CellProfiler for image analysis

We’ve integrated the Celigo as well - last integration project I personally worked on was over 10 years ago though so I hesitated to include them in my previous response. Good to know I am not THAT out of date. :wink:


Hey Eric! We have 2 cellavistas we got on auction, do you know if the VENUS driver is available online?

Hi Ben,

There is a cost associated with VENUS drivers for third-party devices. Please reach out to your local sale rep for more info. If you need any help getting in touch with the right person, please message me!

Thank you,


Thanks all, sorry for not replying to this. Ideally, it would be a small, on-deck piece of equipment that we can integrate easily. The instruments mentione so far are quite big and would need to be outside of the STAR, which is a shame. I will continue to look - thank you for your suggestions!

Bumping this back up.

Have you looked at the Cellaca MX?

Also this Cellcyte?

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