Protect deck layout from manipulation

Hi there,
We create methods that are supposed to run on numerous sites and instruments.
is there an option to protect deck layout file from manipulation by the respective end-user?
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Hi Max,

VENUS includes two authentication systems with varying levels of access. I recommend using the OS Authentication where you can assign users to Windows groups with different access rights. The Lab Operator group cannot make edits to the method or system deck.

Please refer to section 2.4 of the Programmer’s Manual and the VENUS 21 CFR Part 11 Guide for more info.


Thanks Eric. Does there exist an option besides the user roles as local operators also have admin rights and could edit the deck? I heard that there are options to protect liquid classes or method files, respectively. Something similar for the deck files?

There’s the file validation option, but that is also part of the overall function protection that is controlled by the user group level. I’m not sure of other options within the Hamilton software.

Thank you!

Eric, you mentioned a second authentication system besides the OS authentication. Can you give me more details on that?

The second option is the Hamilton Authentication where you create users within the VENUS software as outlined in section 2.4 of the manual. This isn’t as commonly used as the OS Authentication as it is not 21 CFR part 11 compliant (no function for password renewal for example) and the users are not transferrable to other setups (meaning you’d have to create the users for each separate install of VENUS.

If you’re just interested in restricting the majority of users from modifying the deck layout, then you could use the Hamilton Authentication and just create 2 users - one assigned as a Lab Operator and the other as Lab Service (Admin). The Lab Operator login would not be able to edit methods or layouts.


Could you not just use windows perms + read only status on the .lay file?