Robotic Arms: xArm6, UR5e or PF400? - user experience & feedback from laboratories

Does anyone have experience with one of these robotic arms in their laboratory?

  • xArm6 of Ufactory
  • UR5e of Universal Robots
  • PreciseFlex PF400

What is your feedback? Is it safe and “clean” enough to be used in a lab environment?
Is the arm always precise and reliable handle material or plates?

I appreciate any comment :slight_smile:

I can only comment on the Precise robots but they are everywhere in labs. Definitely safe and actually much cleaner than having humans move plates around. There’s probably nothing dirtier in a lab than us humans constantly breathing out bacteria and water droplets, not to mention shedding hair and skin cells.

Anybody care to take some guesses on how many PF robots are out there moving microtiter plates around? 5,000? 10,000? 20,000?


Would be interested to understand the cost aspect. Seems like the UFactory is the cheapest option, but the “compliant placement” on the Precise looks amazing.