Sample Storage Tube Thermal Transfer Concerns

Sample storage tubes (Micronic, Matrix, Azenta, LVL, Altemis Lab, etc) are commonplace in a lot of automated labs. However it’s is also true that their construction (thick barcoded bottom, tight spacing around tubes due to “fins”, lack of updated automated solutions) also makes them poor thermal transfer options.

I’m curious to learn how you’ve navigated the thermal transfer problem. Did you custom machine a better aluminum holder? Find a new piece of equipment? 100x’d your stability studies?

For our use case, the sample storage tubes/plate was kept on ice until being loaded onto the deck, and when on the deck it was loaded onto a flat bottom CPAC position. If the samples had to be kept at 10C, the CPAC would be set to 6 or 7C to keep the sample close to 10C. You’ll have a temperature gradient in the tube also, so it’ll be difficult to keep the entire tube at a constant temperature. In our use case, what we got was good enough.

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Thanks, yes seems like what’s key here are stability tests.

I’ve also considered milling a better holder for heat distribution. Something similar to the SPL Guard Arizona which has a recessed slot that may distribute temp a bit better.

Try contacting this company.

I have, same concerns.

I was looking to see if anyone has attempted anything novel or found something new that helped.

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We used to have someone in our group who was very particular. So we used to routinely model custom plates then manufactured them with selective laser sintering (SLS) through Xometry. He would request we do entire sample preps in a specific tube so we have all kinds of plates for 1.5mL tubes, cryotubes, sample tubes, etc.

We no longer use them for entire preps but I do use them when storing cold samples on deck for extended periods of time (depends on stability data). In general I try to convince stakeholders it is not a huge deal if data indicates stability over the period required.

IDK if i’m helping lol

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And you’re removing the tube from the rack correct to manually place it into this adapter?

Correcto. Hence why I recommend against it.

Thanks anyway! Yeah I’m thinking a lot about creating a custom holder akin to the SPL Guard.