Sorting Sequence for optimal Channel access

Hi there,

I’m sure the is a library to perform this but I cannot find it:
Sometimes I have sequences spaning multiple plates which have n well to pipette to (not neccessarily full plates). When I do a “normal” dispense over those, it creates a lot of channel movement, e.g. if I have plate one with 12 wells, VENUS will pipette 8, then 4, and then continue with 4, 4, 4 and so on. This could be easily fixed by sorting the sequence by Y and then X coordinates. Even more optimal would be to sort the sequence in a way that return all possible 8-mers and then the remaining wells.

So short question: There has to be a library to perform this at runtime, I cannot do it in the deck layout because I modify the sequences via an external script at runtime first.

Thanks for you help in advance,

There is an “opt order” library which does what you want - I don’t think its in here though, @EricSindelar_Hamilton, maybe you could add it?

Please refer to the following post. The STAR Tools suite contains the Channel Tools smt library that has many options for sorting and optimizing sequences.