Tecan Fluent Worklisting and keeping tips on

Hi all,

I am attempting to use worklisting for a Normalization script. I have a worklist with the Source and Diluent Volumes and target labware and well. I am able to load this file into the Convert CSV to GWL function and then successfully Load and Execute the Worklist. However the gwl file that is created for the diluent addition will drop tips between each transfer.

Is there a way to do this and use the same tips for all diluent transfers? And then drop the tips at the end of diluent addition.

I’m able to edit the gwl with a Python script if there is some gwl format that will keep tips on. Or if there is some kind of smart step available to do this that works too. I am using FC 3.1.

Thank you.

The CSV to GWL function sadly auto drops tips from what I’ve been told but you can try creating your own worklist from scratch and keep those tips on (this is more laborious to build) or using the Transfer Individual Volume FCA command which has a simple file format.


I looked at Transfer Individual Volumes but it looks like it only accepts 1 Target labware at a time. I guess I could loop over it and iterate thru an array of Target labwares but I’d like to explore what can be done with .gwl since that might be where to get the most juice from this system is.

Do you or anyone else have an example of what the gwl format is to keep tips on?

For example the Tecan generated format might look like this below. I’ve tried removing the W; after each A and D set, it didn’t like that.


Thanks in advance!

On the topic, does anyone have materials on advanced worklisting gwl formats with examples?

Change the W; to an F;

And let me know if that works for you

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Hey that works, at least in sim. It looks like it will blow out the tips to the Liquid Waste. That’ll work. I was trying all sorts of things with removing the W; and implementing TipMasks. I did get something where it would do Aspirates and Dispenses, no Flush, but it would only use the first tip only.

Thank you!

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Change the tip mask to select which channel (aka tip) you want

See here

Did you ever make a python script to do this?

I have one that I run as an .exe that edits my .gwl file (my .gwl file is always called TEMPORARY_WORKLIST and is located in the same place for simplicity’s sake). It changes ever W to an F except for the last time that specific source is used (for every group of 8, since I use an air FCA). I didn’t mess with tip masks

Let me know if you solved this