Venus bug

Hi everybody,
I just found a strange bug in Venus.
I got the following carrier with square plates were I added positions for the 96-head.
With the deck as shown here I can dispense with the 96 head in all the blue green plates.

However, if I move the same carrier a few track to the right I get this error after having dispensed to two of the plates.

The error is strange because if defining labware as a rectangular rack then there is no option to define it as portrait or landscape.

Which means that Venus is inferring it somehow, which lead me to the solution. The issue is that my rack dimensions are square so it sometimes considers the rack to be landscape and sometimes portrait. No idea why it is not consistent.

I adjusted the length to 120.7 mm instead and now it works without problems.

Just posting this here in case somebody else runs into this rather strange bug…

Can you please provide the carrier and rack definition you’re using so we can evaluate? You can also export a method connected to a layout that has these labware. You can upload to this shared folder I set up.

Hi Eric,

sure thing. I have uploaded the labware as it is now (which does not produce an error). But if you change the width/length back to the same value you can easily reproduce the error. Just place it somewhere on the deck and try to dispense into it with the 96 head. No need for a carrier.
Let me know if you can’t reproduce it and I can send you a demo method.

FYI, Venus version:

Thanks, I was able to recreate it. Odd that it only happens with 120.8. If I set them both to 121, it works or just changing one of the values to 120.7 like you say, it’s fine. I will pass it along and let you know if I get any explanation!

Thank you Eric. It is a rather strange bug…
I guess it has to do with how Venus determines which of the two values is bigger (which in this case neither is).
In my eyes it would be better to draw a rectangle around all well coordinates and then determine portrait/landscape orientation from that. That should always give you a valid answer when used with the 96-head.